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  • Dr. Lee Brotherston

Chiropractic is a profession not a treatment.

Rehab chiropractic pain injury

You can use the analogy of not all cars are created equal, or not all coffee is great. But it probably makes more sense to compare ourselves to another profession – teachers. Within the teaching profession, you have those who posses that something ‘extra’ that makes them truly amazing teachers. You also have those who teach according to the curriculum, and yet the students don’t come away with the same understanding of the subject matter. After 9 years of post-secondary education I’ve come across a lot of teachers and professors – some I credit for much of my passion and understanding of healthcare and rehab, others were merely adequate, and some were just plain bad.

The point is it’s inaccurate, and unfair to suggest that all teachers are the same because they share the same title. Chiropractors may all share the same letters following our names, but it certainly does not mean we all practice the same way. Different chiropractors have wildly varying ideas on what constitutes an appropriate treatment for someone with chronic low back pain for example. Some would suggest you need ongoing, regular adjustments to combat the condition. But we take a more holistic approach and try to determine why the person is suffering from chronic back pain in the first place (sitting too much, dysfunctional movement patterns, compensatory changes, etc) and treat the underlying cause, rather than the symptoms (back pain). The team at Oak Ridges Health also understands that there is no one-size-fits-all assessment and treatment for everyone. A high-level hockey player, and an accountant have different demands on their body – so it doesn’t make sense to assess them the same way, and it certainly doesn’t make sense to treat them the same way.

So remember, whether you’re talking contractors, personal trainers, accountants, or chiropractors, there are different ways to approach an issue. Our approach may not be for everyone – we ask you be willing to learn, participate, and commit to helping get yourself out of pain and stay out of pain – but if you’re ready to make a change, give us a call and let’s chat.

If you want to know how we can help you, and whether we’re the right fit for you, book a complimentary consultation either online ( or by phone 905-806-3614.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Lee Brotherston

Partner and Chiropractor at

Oak Ridges Health Group

58 Brock Street W, Suite 201

Uxbridge ON, L9P 1P3

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