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  • Dr. Lee Brotherston

Compression socks - these aren't your grandma's graduated compression stockings!

Compression socks are used by a number of different people for a number of different reasons. They are often prescribed to help deal with things like varicose veins, and to help decrease the chances of developing a blood clot.

We also fit them for athletes who are looking for a performance edge, particularly in endurance sports. We see a lot of cyclists and runners in our office and they often find that wearing compression socks results in less leg fatigue and decreased swelling. I personally use them a lot on the bike because they not only provide me with increased comfort on long rides, but they also protect me from poison ivy and ticks - an ever increasing threat in Durham Forest!

Often the reason someone wants compression socks isn't because they have varicose veins, or have an ultramarathon coming up, but because they spend longs days on their feet and they suffer from fatigue in the legs and feet. Our socks will help recirculate blood and keep you feeling fresher, longer.

In the past if you wanted or needed compression socks you were forced to choose from black, white, or beige. Now you don't have to choose between attractive colours/patterns and function - they come in the same package.

Did you know that many insurance plans cover the cost of medical grade compression socks? That means theres a good chance you can get stylish compression socks of the highest quality for free!

If you want to know more about compression socks, or whether you are good candidate for them, schedule a complimentary consultation at or give us a call at 905-806-3614.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Lee Brotherston

Partner and Chiropractor at

Oak Ridges Health Group

58 Brock Street W, Suite 201

Uxbridge ON, L9P 1P3

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