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Prenatal massage - if there was ever a time to get a massage, this is it!

We probably don’t have to try too hard to convince you that getting a massage when you’re pregnant is a good idea. You’re tired, your muscles ache, you’ve got a million things on your plate – a massage would, if nothing else, help you relax for at the least the hour that you’re on the table.

However, it goes beyond simply giving you a place to relax. Numerous studies have examined the effects of massage therapy on pregnant women and found that things like leg pain, back pain, depression, anxiety and anger can be diminished with massage therapy.

At Oak Ridges Health Group, our chiropractors and massage therapist are trained to help women cope with the demands that pregnancy places on the body. Using a specialized pillow, a pregnant patient is able to lay on their belly comfortably (sometimes for the first time in months) and we can work on the muscles and joints of the back.

If you want to know more about what we do, and whether we're the right fit for you give us a call at 905-806-3614, or visit to book a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Lee Brotherston

Partner and Chiropractor at

Oak Ridges Health Group

58 Brock Street W, Suite 201

Uxbridge ON, L9P 1P3

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