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When the shoe doesn't fit

Brannock foot measuring device

“I’m a size 10. I’m always a size 10.” This is the response I often get when I ask people what size shoe they’re wearing. Unfortunately, you’re not always a size 10. You can think of this like coffee cups. A medium coffee will be a different size at Tim Horton’s vs. McDonald’s, for example. The same applies to shoes. It probably won’t come as a surprise that different shoe manufactures have different ideas of what makes up a size 10, but a lot of people are surprised to know that the same manufacturer may have two different shoes in their lineup that despite being labeled the same size, fit completely different. Coming up, we’ll talk about how a running shoe is made, and ultimately, how this determines the fit.

So how do you know what size shoe to wear? Get fitted by a professional and try on the size you think you might be, as well as the size above and below. Keep in mind that when you run your feet swell so if a shoe feels tight to begin with, it’s only going to feel tighter as your run progresses.

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